Land Registry
Erica Smith-Penn
Chief Registrar of Lands


Making property transactions easier for all.


To provide a modern and professional service, which guarantees the ownership of land and facilitates efficient property transactions.

About the Department

Our Values:

  • Providing as much information as possible to ensure that our customers and the general public get a clearer understanding of the land registration process.
  • Offering courteous and helpful service
  • Bring responsive by meeting your property transaction needs

Transfer of Land:
This procedure allows you to have land registered in the respective land register and offers officials documents to land owners of proof of registration and ownership.

We register applications for landowners who wish to subdivide or combine their property.

Power of Attorney:
When a person or persons owning land assigns someone to sign documents pertaining to a particular parcel of land on their behalf because of illness, geographic location etc.

Non-Belongers Land Holding License:
When a non-belonger wants to have property in the British Virgin Islands registered in their name.