Water & Sewerage
Monoherlal Kerof (Ag.)


The vision of the Department is to become an economically self-sustaining, customer-oriented arm of Government by the year 2012, that facilitates quality water supply and sewerage services to all residents of the British Virgin Islands at affordable rates.


The Water and Sewerage Department’s mission is to ensure the provision of a continuous supply of safe potable water and an environmentally sound sewage disposal service to all residents of the British Virgin Islands, efficiently and at affordable rates.

About the Department

The Water and Sewerage Department also provides water quality testing to ensure that your drinking water is safe. To have your water tested, please visit the Department to obtain a water sample bottle. Fill the bottle at home and then bring the sample back for testing. There is a fee of $20 for this service. Based on the results of the test, we may recommend that your cistern be cleaned or treated. Government’s Environmental Health Department will treat your cistern.

Services offered:
In fulfilling its mission, the following roles are included in the responsibilities of the Water and Sewerage Department:

• Operate and Maintain Government’s water and sewerage infrastructure and mechanical plant assigned to the Department

• Collect and account for monies due to Government for water and sewerage, and other services rendered by the Department

• Formulate and Develop plans for water and sewerage infrastructure and other projects within the policies and regulations of   Government

• Manage and account for funds allocated by Government to the Department for water and sewerage matters

• Supply data and advice to Government on water and sewerage matters


To users of the public water supply and sewerage disposal system, the Department;

• Supplies potable water – through the public water supply pipe network

• Test water quality

• Offer water and wastewater counsel

• Leak detection investigation services

• Offer payment plans on outstanding water and sewerage accounts

• 24 hours emergency water and sewerage services