A belongers application can be obtained from any of the three locations of the Civil Registry and Passport Office. They are located at the ground floor of the Central Administration Building, the 2nd Floor of the Burhym Building or the Vanterpool Building on Virgin Gorda. Forms can also be accessed online at www.bvi.gov.vg

A person would require a Belonger's Card as proof of thier immigration status in the Territory. This allows free travel in and out of the Territory. Holders can reside and work in the Virgin Islands free from immigration control, purchase property, apply for trade licences and vote in the Territory.

A belonger is a person deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands.

Application for Virgin Islands VISA

This service is for nationalities requiring a Virgin Islands VISA for entry and/or work purposes.

Amendment of Birth Record with Father’s Name

This service is for adding a Father's Name to a child's Birth Record and Certificate, through means of affidavit.

Application for Registration as British Overseas Territory Citizen

This service is for residents who meet all the requirement to be registered as a British Overseas Territory Citizen.

Application for Registration as a British Citizen

This service is applicable to residents who meet the requirement to be Registered as a British Citizen.

Application for Naturalisation as British Overseas Territory Citizen

This service is for residents that meet all the requirements for Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC).

Application for Marriage Certificate

This service is for customers who is desirous in obtaining a copy for their Marriage Certificate.

Application for Marriage

This service is for customers that wish to get married in the Virgin Islands.