Application for Marriage

This service is for customers that wish to get married in the Virgin Islands.

Registration of Death

This service is to register a death within the Territory.

Application for Death Certificate

This service is for application for a Death Certificate.

Application for Birth Certificate

This service is for registration of a child's birth and issuing of the birth certificate.  Applicants can submit application online or in person at the Civil Registry.

Application for Belonger Status

Application for identity card for person deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands.

Amendment of Marriage Record

This service consist of amending a previous marriage record.

Amendments to the Birth Record – Correction of Error/Omission

This service is for customers who's name is incorrect on BirthPaper or wants to admend their legal name on their birth record.

Late Registration of Birth

This service caters for customers who birth confirmation given by the Peebles Hospital and twelve months has elapsed from the date of the child’s birth.  This registration will be considered a late registration of the birth.

Office Generalist III


The successful applicant will assist with frontline and clerical duties to ensure professional customer service is provided to the Department and to the public at all times.