No. Soil is not transferred from one country to another.

No.  You are required by law to apply for an import permit from the Department of Agriculture in the BVI prior to importing a plant or fruit into the BVI.  This is the requirement for importing all agricultural commodities into the territory from all countries.  It is also a must that the country from which the plant is being imported issue a phytosanitary Certificate indicating the origin of the plants/fruits and the disease status of the plants/fruits.  Please take note that this does not guarantee entry of the commodity or consignment.

Answer:  This process takes a minimum of two (2) working days once the application form (Animal Import Meat Permit) is filled out correctly.

You have to apply for a permit (Animal Import Permit) to import the animal based on the (Conditions for Importation of dogs and cats rabies-non-endemic ).  Service animals must meet the requirements just as normal pets.

Answer:  Yes.  Please review the conditions (Condition for Importation of Pigs) and fill out the application form (Animal Import Permit).  Email the Veterinary Division at for more information.

Answer:  No.

Answer:  No.  A puppy must be nine months or older.