All complaints should be submitted to the Director of Trade & Consumer Affairs. 

All appeals should be submitted to the Permanent Secretary, Premier’s Office.  

Yes, you have a right to know why your application has been denied

Once a decision has been made on your application, we will inform in writiting.


If all required documents are submitted with the application, it should take four to six weeks to process.  However, if additional information or an interview is required, you will be contacted by phone with three (3) business day of receipt of your application.

There are three different types of Trade License  applications based on the following industry types  (i) Construction  (ii) Crewed Yacht / Charters (iii) General ( for all other business types) 

In addition to the completed application form and cover letter outlining the business intent, everyone should submit one passport sized photo; British Virgin Islanders should submit a copy of their birth certificate, picture page and page 4 of their BVI passport; belongers’ or naturalized citizens should submit their belongers’ certificate/card or naturalization certificate; all other persons (non-belongers) should submit (i ) the picture page of their passport  (ii) two character references, (iii) financial statement/bank reference, and (iv) police record.

Although a business plan is not required to be submitted for all types of businesses, presenting one with your application will serve to help the officer reviewing your application to get a better understanding of your proposed business. 

No, the Department of Trade & Consumer Affairs exists to foster development in the business sector and the wider economy through a clear Trade Policy and processes which are aimed at allowing successful applicants who have met the criteria to be able to start a business without prejudice.  

Trade License

This service provides individuals with the opportunity to apply and obtain a license of trade for their business(es), if eligible. 

Trade license fees are paid on an annual basis and depend on the category of business and whether you are a BVIslander or not.