National Parks

The BVI National Parks Trust currently manages 17 National Parks. These include 15 terrestrial(land) parks and one marine(sea) park, (Wreck of the Rhone). Several of the parks are off shore islands such as Great Tobago, The Dogs, and Fallen Jerusalem.

Management includes preservation of all flora and fauna within the parks, maintenance, constant upgrading of facilities such as trails, interpretation and picnic sites, to improve the visitor's experience and scientific research. Each park is managed through a Management Plan. This plan outlines how each park is to be developed and how various management issues are dealt with. Moreover, the National Parks Trust has a Systems Plan that guides the selection of all areas designated for protection or vestment.

The baths, Virgin Gorda


National Parks Date Declared
Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda 1969
Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda 1969
Fallen Jerusalem, Virgin Gorda 1974
Gorda Peak, Virgin Gorda 1974
Queen Elizabeth II Park 1974
West Dog 1974
Dead Chest Island 1977
Little Fort, Virgin Gorda 1978
JR O'Neal Botanic Gardens, Tortola 1979
Mount Healthy, Tortola 1983
Prickly Pear Island 1988
The Baths, Virgin Gorda 1990
Diamond Cay 1991
Great Tobago 1995
Little Tobago 1998
Cam Bay, Great Camanoe 1999
Shark Bay, Tortola 1999
The Coppermine, Virgin Gorda 2003
Sandy Cay 2008
Marine Protected Areas
RMS Rhone Marine Park 1980

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