Yes. The process is to make a request in writing to the Chief Immigration Officer stating the intention of having the bond refunded. Persons will have to be out of the territory to make such a request and the original receipt for the bond MUST accompany this request. 



No, if you are a visitor, a work permit should not be processed unless you are out of the territory. If there is an opportunity for work, the person is required to depart the territory and re-enter with the necessary documentation for employment. Your permission to visit only allows you to visit.


Persons ordinarily residing in the territory for 20 years are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Residence. They should have a desire to live in the territory and have a good character.

Persons can apply for Belonger Status if they are in possession of a valid Certificate of Residence or is married to a Belonger and residing with spouse for five years in the territory.

Persons are encouraged to write to the Chief Immigration Officer requesting such permission. A response to these request are replied too within a week to ten (10) working days via mail.

A valid passport and if a visa is required, it should be included in the passport before entry into the territory.

Ordinarily no, however if they are travelling directly from the United States and are in possession of a valid passport or birth certificate from their country of origin they could be admitted with prior notification to the department before entry in the territory.


Visitors are ordinarily admitted for one (1) month in the first instance provided they meet entry requirements at the ports of entry.