Extended Operating Hours For Two BVI Ports Of Entry

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 - 3:45pm

In an effort to better accommodate the surge of travelers to the Territory during the peak tourist season, the Government of the Virgin Islands is advising the public that the operating hours at two ports of entry will be extended effective December 1, 2014 until April 30, 2015.

(1) Any criminal offence committed in the Territory punishable by three months or more

(2) Any offence against the Immigration and Passport Act (Cap. 130)

(1) A Thousand Dollars ($1000.00 USD) and twelve (12) months imprisonment

(2) Deportation is desirable under any violation of the Immigration and Passport Act (CAP. 130).

(1) Cancellation of the Entry Permit by the Chief Immigration Officer

(2) Expiration of the Entry Permit

(3) Death

(4) On issue of a deportation order

Landing Permits - Issues & Renewal

A document signifying that the holder is authorized to enter the territory for a specified short period of time as a "Tourist", a "Business Visitor" or an "Other Visitor".

Embarkation Card - Entry Process

A form used to aid with process of permitting or denying Visitor entry into the territory at the various ports of entry.

Becoming a Belonger

A document certifying that the holder is deemed to belong to the British Virgin Islands Territory

Acquiring Residence Status

Documents certifying that the holder is a permanent resident of the British Virgin Islands and is not subject to monitoring by the Immigration Department.

Immigration Services

This service consists of the processing of permitting or denying visitor entry into the British Virgin Islands at the various ports of entry