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Release Date:
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 - 10:48am

Eleven (11) individuals are now registered as British Citizens after being previously naturalised as British Overseas Territories Citizens.

During a ceremony held at the Government House on Tuesday, December 19, the individuals recited the Oath of Allegiance to His Majesty the King, as well as the Pledge of Loyalty to the United Kingdom.

The new citizens also received congratulatory remarks from His Excellency the Governor, John J. Rankin CMG and Registrar General, Mrs. Tashi O’Flaherty-Maduro.

Governor Rankin said, “I hope you enjoy your new nationality, and as you travel outside these shores, remember that you are now ambassadors both for the British Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom. May you represent us well.”

Mrs. O’Flaherty-Maduro said, “As you officially join the British family, remember that you contribute to the rich tapestry of the UK’s culture, history and values. This ceremony symbolises not just the acquisition of legal status but the embrace of a shared identity. A British identity that is inclusive, respective and celebrates the strength found in our differences.”

According to the British Nationality Act, individuals who are naturalised as British Overseas Territory Citizens after May 21, 2002, can apply to the United Kingdom Government to be registered as British Citizens.

The 11 new British Citizens are:

Rosalind Veronica Adams

Ronald Clifford Ambrose

Kendolph Adolphus Bobb

Lesroy Sylvanous Connor

Shevon Sera-Lee Joanna Gumbs

Kamala Hawke

Tagore Hawke

Francis Hiliarius Maximin

Patricia Leavene Prince Pierre

Magdaline Shillingford

Marlon Dixon Thomas


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