Press Release

Office of the Deputy Governor
Civil Registry and Passport Office
Release Date:
Friday, 1 March 2024 - 2:30pm

The Civil Registry & Passport Office is notifying the public of an additional citizenship pathway for adults who were excluded from obtaining citizenship as British Overseas Territory and British citizens, due to historical legislative unfairness in British nationality law.

The path allows for persons to be eligible to apply to become both a British Overseas Territory citizen (BOTC) and British citizen (BC) through registration having met the following requirement:

  • The individual was born outside a British Overseas Territory before 1 January, 1983 to a mother born in a British Overseas Territory or before 1 July, 2006 to an unmarried BOTC father.

Persons are allowed to register as a BOTC and a BC simultaneously, by accessing the website  and downloading the appropriate forms.  They will also have the option to apply for only one of the two citizenships, if preferred (where applicable).

Applicants are asked be familiarised with the eligibility guidance provided on the UK Government website for more information on applying for citizenship under historical unfairness. 

Only paper application forms will be accepted. Applicants are to ensure that paper application forms, including original supporting documents, are mailed to the designated address listed on the website.

It is also recommended that applicants forward a full-colored copy of a valid passport, as they may need to use their passport while the application is being processed. 

U.K. Home Office will communicate with applicants directly via email, regarding  their application for registration as a British Overseas Territory and/or British citizen.

The application form for applicants claiming citizenship from a BOTC mother can be accessed at:

The form for applicants claiming citizenship from an unmarried BOTC father can be accessed at:

Upon receiving notification from U.K. Home Office, applicants will be required to enroll their biometric details to verify their identity as part of the registration process.  As such, the Civil Registry & Passport Office has been designated as a Biometric Center to assist with biometric enrollment for such citizens. 

Applicants will be required to present a copy of their application form to the Civil Registry & Passport Office upon biometric enrollment. Failure to fulfill this requirement, will render  applications invalid.

The Civil Registry and Passport Office is committed to creating and managing the civil records, nationality matters and passports of residents in the Territory of the Virgin Islands.

For more information, please contact the office by email at


Nia Douglas-Wheatley

Communications Officer II
Deputy Governor's Office
Government of the Virgin Islands
Tel: 284.468.2350