Press Release

Ministry of Health & Social Development
Environmental Health
Release Date:
Thursday, 10 January 2019 - 3:00pm

Residents of the Virgin Islands are being urged to take all necessary measures to protect themselves and eliminate all breeding places for mosquitoes from around their homes.

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Lionel Michael said the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Environmental Health Division, in response to the Dengue alert in the Caribbean region, is assessing its Mosquito Control Programme and increasing its campaign through education, awareness, premises inspections and various control measures.

Mr. Michael said, “The Division respectfully requests that persons take all necessary measures to protect themselves and engage in source reduction by eliminating all breeding places by covering water containers, removing all solid waste from their premises, and reporting blocked drains.”

The Chief Environmental Officer added that householders can protect themselves by using mosquito nets and window screens, wearing long clothing and using mosquito repellant when outdoors.

Residents are also urged to remember to practice the 4S:

  • Search and destroy mosquito breeding places
  • Self-protection: wear long sleeve clothing
  • Seek early consultation if experiencing signs and symptoms of Dengue
  • Support fogging/spraying in hotspots and other control measures    

The Environmental Health Division is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the environment with the potential to negatively impact the health of the population are managed efficiently to enable all persons in the BVI to attain and maintain optimal health and well-being.


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