House of Assembly
Release Date:
Monday, 25 December 2017 - 8:44am

2017 Christmas Message by Alvera Maduro-Caines
Representative for the Sixth Electoral District
13 December 2017

Hi, I am Alvera Maduro-Caines, representative for the Sixth Electoral District, a district that I consider to be one of the most resilient since September 6th. Our residents have banded together so beautifully, to help each other since the passages of hurricanes Irma and Maria. As electricity is being restored all around our district, it adds an extra light to this holiday season. The true light has already been shown through the hearts and hands of the people of our district who have helped our district recover greatly in record time, though there will be more work to do.

Usually, my Christmas message is directed to my district residents first, but this year I wish to first speak directly to the countless men and women who have all helped our territory and by extension our district get to where we are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All across our district, we say a heartfelt thank you for your hard work: whether it be garbage removal and disposal, roadside cleanup, delivering water, preparing care packages for distribution, cleaning the roads, fixing roads, cleaning drains or simply helping to restore some sense of normalcy. We thank you!

It is a part of the Virgin Islands Christmas culture to “fix up the place” for the season, so you can imagine the relief we all feel to have running water and electricity; these make us a happier community especially at this time of the year.

To my residents, 2017 has been the greatest teacher of life lessons for many of us. There’s so much that we can take with us in 2018 and many things that we need to leave in 2017. Let’s make love, joy, peace, helping and caring as free as the air in 2018 and let’s abandon pride, hate, scorn, separation, division and fighting against the great good for all, in 2017.

Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift we have ever received, the gift of Jesus Christ. In that same spirit, I challenge you all to be a gift to your household, streets, neighbourhoods, communities and country.

In district six, we need your participation to continue to make our district, one where peace dwells and love continuously abides. I’ll be the first to say, as it has never changed, that you, the people, are the reason I continue to work and fight for these Virgin Islands every day and I will continue to do so as long as you will allow me.

May the joy of the season reach you from the top of Belle Vue, down the rolling Sabbath Hill, Butu Mountain, Fort Hill and Jean Hill and continue to flow into Free Bottom, Baugher’s Bay, Purcell Estate and extend as far outward to Johnson’s Ghut, Fish Bay and Kingstown.

Let us not hold forever, the many losses we have experienced in 2017: the loss of life and houses, and look toward the gains we will have in 2018.

With God on our side, the same light that lit Bethlehem on that first Christmas night will continue to light our way. Let us NEVER hide that light under a bushel, but let it be seen everywhere this holiday season and into 2018.

I am Alvera Maduro-Caines representative for the sixth electoral district and on behalf of my husband and family, Merry Christmas and a happy, bright, prosperous, love and life-filled 2018.