Ministry of Communications and Works
Release Date:
Friday, 22 February 2019 - 8:53am

FEBRUARY 21, 2019

The business of running a country never stops and today, in this season, I am glad to be here to continue the work we have started as a Government, to ensure that, among other areas, our road network is maintained and upgraded for the safety of every resident and visitor to these islands.

A tremendous amount of resources and work went into rehabilitating our roads, drains and bridges, following damage sustained during Tropical Storm Otto in October 2010.

Then came the floods and hurricanes of August and September 2017, creating an unprecedented level of devastation to the Territory’s infrastructure.

The road network on the western and north western portions of Tortola suffered severe damage; other roads were degraded; and sea defenses in different areas were destroyed.

Government rose to the challenge and sought financial assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank CDB, to rehabilitate and reconstruct 3.9 kilometres of roads, drains and sea defence structures.

This project will be funded as part of the $65 million CDB Recovery and Rehabilitation Loan.

With the lessons we have learnt over the years, the Virgin Islands Government, through the Ministry of Communications and Works, is moving to rebuild better and stronger.

This contract which we are executing today will see works being done to stabilize our roads, slopes and embankments.

As part of the design process, a Climate Risk and Vulnerability assessment will be undertaken, to ensure that the rehabilitated infrastructures are strengthened, to mitigate against future catastrophic events.

FDL Consult Inc. of St. Lucia has successfully done projects here in the BVI.

This time around, they outbid 21 firms that sent in Expressions of Interest, 5 shortlisted firms and one firm from The Bahamas that responded with technical and financial proposals by the deadline.

FDL will now work with the Government of the Virgin Islands, to supervise the engineering, design and construction of this project, for the contract sum of $876,250.00.

Work will be carried out from Blackburne Highway to the Ridge Road, Drakes Highway to Carrot Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Ballast Bay, Great Mountain, Lower Hope, Little Dix Bay, Long Trench and Fish Bay.

At the end of the day, the Government and people of the Virgin Islands expect a more resilient road network that will be to the benefit of all.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this process so far, including Premier Dr. Honourable Orlando Smith, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communications and Works, the Caribbean Development Bank, FDL Consult Inc. and all who will work on these projects.

We look forward to the successful completion of these projects as well, within the 24 month deadline and on budget.