Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Monday, 19 February 2018 - 9:01am


19th February, 2018

Public Officers, ladies and gentlemen, you recently received communication from the Deputy Governor about an exciting opportunity we have to shape the future of the Public Service.  Allow me a few minutes of your time to briefly speak to you about this opportunity and why your input into the future of the Public Service is critical at this time.

There is no doubt that hurricanes Irma and Maria, have affected our lives. With any tragedy however, we also have an opportunity to be better than we were before.  If you embrace this idea, we could all have a Territory which is a model for the world to follow. This excites me and I hope it also excites you.  This is the reason why, I support the Premier and his Cabinet with the recovery plans for the public service that aims to make us exemplars.

As the Territory’s largest employer, the Government recognizes its responsibility in ensuring the Public Sector leads by example with an efficient and effective service. As such, Cabinet has approved the blueprint for the redesign of the Public Service, under the theme “A stronger, more resilient, and more effective Public Service”. 

With this steer from Cabinet, comes the opportunity for you to provide input into the Public Service you wish to see in the future. We need your input, your ideas, your challenge and your support. No ideas or suggestions are too small or too lofty if we intend on becoming the best.  

If there was ever a time that the Public Service needed your input into its future, it is now. We want to design a transformed Public Service with your input.  We want to hear from you as it relates to: what you think the Public Service should look like in the future; the areas you think we can improve; the services you think we can enhance and in general, how do you think we can change to better serve you?

The transformation of the Public Service is important to me as the Governor of the Virgin Islands.  As such, I am asking persons to email me at with your feedback on the future state of the Public Service. Additionally, you can call Ms. Colene A. Penn, the Communications Officer for the Governor’s Group, at 468-2350 and leave your feedback.

You have my commitment that every suggestion received on the transformation of the Public Service will be recorded and considered.  Only with your feedback can we design a Public Service that is efficient, resilient, proactive, adaptive, responsive and focused on serving the public with excellence, backed with good governance standards.

As Public Officers and you the public, our largest client, we want to hear from you as we collectively redesign the Public Service for the future. We want to hear from you as we collectively dream for a greater Public Service.

Thank you for your support and may God bless the Public Service and the Territory of the Virgin Islands.

Augustus Jaspert