Press Release

Office of the Governor
Office of the Deputy Governor
Release Date:
Friday, 24 April 2015 - 4:30pm

His Excellency the Governor John S Duncan, OBE is inviting members of the public to submit nominations for Her Majesty the Queen’s New Year Honours 2016.

The New Year Honours List recognises individuals for outstanding achievement and service across the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories. Completed nominations must be received by Friday May 8 by email to The Secretary of the Honours Committee at or by delivery to the Office of the Governor.    

Honours are awarded on the basis of achievement, excellence and merit. Following the guidance closely and filling in the application form (available on will improve the prospects for nominations.  It is stressed that for any award, long service is not enough in itself. Nominations must be supported by a persuasive account of the outstanding, innovative or self-sacrificing services and achievements of the nominee, whether paid or unpaid, in one field or several, and what has raised them above those of others performing similar services. 

Recipients of Queen's Honours can choose to receive their awards at an investiture at Buckingham Palace or locally.  In exceptional circumstances visiting members of the Royal Family can also bestow honours.




As an Overseas Territory, citizens of the British Virgin Islands are eligible to be nominated for the Queen’s Birthday and New Year's Honours.

Nominations for Queen’s Birthday and New Year's Honours can be submitted to the Governor’s Office for consideration any time of year. They will be dealt with in accordance with the timings for the forthcoming nominations process.  

The Honours Committee Honours are awarded on the basis of achievement, excellence and merit.