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Premier's Office
Department of Trade, Investment, Promotion and Consumer Affairs
Release Date:
Thursday, 8 October 2020 - 3:56pm

Businesses continue to receive their stimulus grant cheques as the Government of the Virgin Islands continues to assist with their operational expenditure, while stimulating economic activity during the COVID-19 era.

Premier and Minister Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie said it was a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of so many business persons as well as to hear their words of gratitude towards their BVI Government upon receiving their cheques for the ongoing Government business stimulus initiative.

The Premier added, “Since the beginning of this pandemic in March, your Government has been working to provide support to our people. We have spent millions of dollars to support persons who were affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 – and this economic impact is not unique to the BVI, but in all countries around the world.”

Honourable Fahie addressed the delay for issuing of some grants stating that there are bureaucratic processes that must be followed.

He said, “A programme of economic support and stimulus for businesses was developed and announced not long ago. Of course, there are bureaucratic processes that we must follow – we have no choice in that, there is no option for going around the bureaucratic processes which are there to ensure transparency and accountability.”

Premier Fahie added that the Government is happy that persons have begun to receive their stimulus cheques.

“Last week we distributed over 30 cheques to businesses and today another 70 businesses are receiving their stimulus cheques,” he said. The Premier added, “By the end of this week we would have processed and released a combined total of 500 business stimulus grants out of the just over 1,000 business stimulus grants approved in the First Phase. The Premier’s Office will contact grant recipients to receive their cheques.”

During the launch of payments for the grant on September 14, the Premier announced that out of the 1,423 businesses that were reviewed, 1,039 businesses were successful and will be awarded grants ranging from $1,592 to $7,955.

Businesses that received funding from the Economic Stimulus for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Grant relief programme have already expressed their gratitude to the Government of the Virgin Islands for the assistance.

Photo 1:2- Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Andrew A. Fahie and female business owner.
Photo 2:2- Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Andrew A. Fahie and male business owner


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