Office of the Deputy Governor
Premier's Office
Release Date:
Tuesday, 6 June 2017 - 3:49pm

Public Service Week 2017
Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good morning Public Officers:

It is my pleasure to be here among you, as you celebrate another Public Service Week.

This is a time you often look forward too, as Ministries and departments, organised in teams, compete for bragging rights.

So my question is:

Who will be this year’s champion?

Will it be Eagles? Will it be Warriors?  Will it be the Panthers?  Or will it be Supersonics?

I am really enjoying your spirit this morning, and I must say that I continue to admire the remarkable co-operation that happens during this time, and I encourage you to continue in this vein.

This year’s Public Service Week theme is ‘One Public Service: A Celebration of Togetherness’.

I like this theme, which is in keeping with my vision of ‘One Government, One BVI.

When I came up with the vision of ‘one’, I was simply talking about the need for us to be consistent in the delivery of our services, where we are all moving in the same direction — single links creating one inseparable chain.

We can do it! And, we can do it together!

There is a saying that little, by little a bird builds his nest. I know that getting there is no easy undertaking, but if we do a little bit every day, we can make a huge difference. And, if we believe that we are ‘one public service’ then, indeed, we can harness the power of unity and camaraderie to ensure excellence.

On behalf of my Government, I thank all public officers for what you do to make a difference.

Do know that your hard work is sincerely appreciated.

I am mindful that each of your daily tasks – even the smallest ones – is done for the improvement of the lives of the residents of this Territory.

You are truly building a better Virgin Islands, for which you should be proud. As I am proud of your dedication to serve.

Indeed, recognition is integral to ‘Public Service Excellence’.

Let me, therefore, salute all of you who are being recognised for 10, 25 and 35 years of service.

I congratulate you on these milestones and encourage you to keep forging ahead and to take this time to reflect on the value you and your colleagues add to the service.

I encourage you to motivate other public officers to aspire towards the same milestones.

I want to commend all of you for keeping Public Service Week alive.

This important initiative is an opportunity to tell the world who we are.

I, therefore, further encourage you to continue to take the common traits of your Public Service teams and translate them into excellence within our Public Service.

This is to say, like Eagles, I urge you to strive to be leaders and soar beyond ordinary and be extraordinary in the daily execution of your duties.

Continue to follow the path of the Warriors and be brave, strategic and visionary.

Like the Panthers, now more than ever, our Public Service must be swift in its responses to the needs of the people of the Territory that we serve. Therefore, we must be agile and bring creative solutions to situations as they arise.

Supersonics is synonymous with speed and, in the Public Service; this translates into efficiency in our customer service and relationship with the public.

Let us all continue to put our best foot forward.

Enjoy the week of activities, I thank God for you, and may He God bless you in this noble profession, putting service above self.

Thank you and May the best team win!