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Premier's Office
British Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency
Release Date:
Thursday, 11 April 2024 - 4:23pm

The Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Virgin Islands Law Enforcement Marine Base (Marine Base), marking another milestone in the Agency’s commitment to excellence in sustainable development through infrastructural investment.

This project was jointly funded by the Government of the Virgin Islands and the UK Government through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. 

The construction of the Marine Base, initiated in February 2023, continues the implementation of the RDA’s ‘Good Governance’ sector, and the ‘Security and Safety for All’ subsector which are guided by the Outcome Statement, “Provision of safety, security and rights of our people and strengthened borders through law enforcement capability, resources and engagement.’

The newly rebuilt Marine Base will promote safety and security and improve communication between law enforcement agencies of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, His Majesty’s Customs and the Immigration Department.

It will make use of a designed joint command and operations centre and will enable effective monitoring of marine ports of entry while facilitating stronger partnerships and information sharing between law enforcement agencies.  This is envisioned to create a safer, more secure, and more efficient border environment in the Virgin Islands.

Chief Executive Officer at the RDA Mr. Anthony McMaster said, "I am immensely proud of our team's hard work, expertise, and unwavering dedication that have led to successful completion of the Virgin Islands Law Enforcement Marine Base.”

"This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results while upholding the highest standards of integrity, safety, and environmental responsibility. I wish to publicly recognise the expertise and commitment of James Todman Construction Ltd., the winning contractor whose dedication was instrumental in the success of this project,” CEO McMaster said.

With the completion of the Law Enforcement Marine Base Project, the RDA is now prepared to hand over the facility to the client Ministry, the Office of the Deputy Governor, for operational use.

The project handover signifies the culmination of a collaborative effort between the RDA, the Office of the Deputy Governor, Design Consultants Trojan Design and Development Limited, the contractor James Todman Construction and all stakeholders involved.

The Office of the Deputy Governor expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the project during an official walk-through and site visit held with Permanent Secretary Mrs. Sharleen DaBreo-Lettsome and her team on Friday 5 April, 2024.  Official tours and walk-throughs were also held with key stakeholders and end-users of the facility.

As the RDA celebrates this achievement, it reaffirms its commitment to continued excellence in the construction industry, striving to exceed expectations in every project undertaken.

Since the RDA’s formation in April 2018, the Agency has continued to be a key development partner of the Government of the Virgin Islands, working to deliver its three-pronged mandate of project implementation, fundraising and capacity building.  Infrastructure investments have been made across five distinct sectors and 13 subsectors, guided by the Recovery to Development Plan (RDP).  This has translated to the completion of 43 project activities.

At the end of 2023, the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (Amendment and Validation) Act, 2023, extended the life of the RDA to 31st December 2026. Over the next few years of a renewed mandate, the RDA looks forward to continuing work in partnership with Central Government in delivering projects, funding, and capacity building towards accomplishment of important development outcomes for the people of the Territory.  This will build on the agency’s goal to build a Stronger, Smarter, Greener and Better Virgin Islands.

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The Government of the Virgin Islands created the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) with the passage of the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency Act (Act No. 1 2018). 

The Act was passed by the House of Assembly, and gazetted on 16th April, 2018. The RDA is the implementing agency of the Government of the Virgin Islands and works closely with Government ministries to fulfil their priorities as laid out in the Virgin Islands Recovery to Development Plan.