Ministry of Communications and Works
Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports
Release Date:
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 - 3:46pm


FEBRUARY 20, 2019


I am happy to be here today to celebrate with all of you – students, teachers and parents.

Indeed, our Government recognizes the importance of educating our people and we know it all starts with our children.

Therefore, we made every effort to ensure that plans were put in place to rebuild our schools.

We are proud of the partnership between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Communications and Works, the Virgin Islands Social Security Board, contractors and others, to get to this stage.

The Enid Scatliffe Primary School was one of the many buildings damaged by the hurricanes of 2017 and although we wished it could have been repaired sooner, I am pleased that this project has now been completed.

This means that you, our students and our dedicated teachers, can continue the business of learning and teaching, in a much more comfortable environment.

If this entire situation – losing our schools and homes and businesses as a result of Hurricanes Irma and Maria - has taught us any lessons, it is that we are a resilient people who will not give up on our Territory.

To break that down for our students here, it means that no matter what difficulty we may find ourselves in, we have the power within us to rise above the circumstances and make life better for ourselves.

Your new school is beautiful and I would encourage all of you to take very good care of it.

Continue to learn your lessons students; and teachers, continue to do your best to mold our future leaders.

Once again, thank you to all concerned for making this happen.

I know that our dearly departed Representative for the 5th District, Honourable Deloris Christopher, would have been very pleased to be here.  I am happy to represent her. Enid Scatliffe Primary School is almost in my 4th District anyhow.

Thank you everyone and may God continue to bless us all.