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Premier's Office
Central Statistics Office
Festival and Fairs Committee
Release Date:
Friday, 9 December 2022 - 4:33pm

Data from a survey of the Virgin Islands Festival 2022 has been gathered and the statistics are now complete and available for consideration.

The Central Statistics Office carried out a post-event survey from August 2022 to September 2022 to gather feedback from the general public on this year’s events whether or not they attended or participated.

Director of Statistics Mr. Raymond Phillips said, “The objective of the survey was to collect data which would be used to make the decision-makers aware of the public's sentiments on the celebrations with a view to identifying actions towards improvement.”

Mr. Phillips added that the survey, although widely circulated, had a very low response rate. He said, “There were just over 200 responses which accounts for just around 1% of the 20,000 plus adult population. However, while this low response rate might not be representative of the entire population, it will serve as a good indication as to how persons in the Virgin Islands feel about the Festival celebrations and shed some light on what are some suggestions for improvements.

Respondents to the Festival 2022 survey were analysed based on different demographics characteristics, such as sex, age and nationality. They were also analysed on their level of participation and attendance.  They provided feedback on what they thought would be a fair cost to attend events.  They also rated events as well as made suggestion as to how the Festival should be funded.  Opinions as to the suitability of the existing locations for events were also solicited.

Many potential events were suggested for consideration, and a long list of ideas for improving the celebrations was given from the survey respondents. Organisers of the festivities can now critically review the information gathered to chart the way forward for the future Festival celebrations of the Virgin Islands.


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