This service is for adding a Father's Name to a child's Birth Record and Certificate, through means of affidavit.


Step 1:  Both parents submit an affidavit to the Civil Registry; mother consenting to add the father’s name and the father accepting his paternity.

Step 2: The staff ensures that the affidavit is correct and the necessary documents are affixed.

Step 3: An applicaton fee is collected from the customer.

Step 4:  A receipt is issued to the customer as evidence of payment.

Step 5:  The affidavit is accepted.

Step 6:  Birth record is updated to reflect the Father's Name.

Step 7:  Brith Certificate is issued to the Customer.

Supporting Documents

  • Affidavits from both parents

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

2 - 3 Business Days