This service is for customers that wish to get married in the Virgin Islands.


Step 1:  Applicants visit the office in person to apply for the Marriage Licence, where they will be assisted by a staff with the instructions necessary to accurately complete the application form in a private room.

Step 2:  Staff goes through the form to ensure completeness and accuracy. If there are any errors, it is returned to the customers to make corrections.

Step 3:  An application fee is collected from the customers.

Step 4:  A receipt is issued to the customers.

Step 5:  Application is processed.

Step 6:  If the Registrar General is officiating the wedding; the staff will prepare the wedding package, which includes the vows and marriage certificate.  If another Civil/Marriage Officer performs the wedding ceremony, the Civil/Marriage Officer will be contacted to collect the Marriage Licence.

Supporting Documents

Original Documents must be submitted with this application. Please note that we will not accept laminated or damaged documents. Further note that all documents produced in foreign languages (e.g. Spanish, French etc.) must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Please be advised that the Civil Registry & Passport Office reserves the right to request further documentation following the review of the application if the need arises.

• Valid Passport
• Divorce Decree (where applicable)
• Death Certificate (where applicable)
• Previous Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
• Affidavits as proof of Identity (where applicable)
• Two witnesses must be present on the day of the Marriage Licence Application. These two witnesses need not to be the same two witnesses who will be present at the day of the wedding ceremony.

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

1 - 3 Business Days

Additional Notes

If the couple has been in the Territory for less than 15 days, they will be required to pay the Special Licence fees.