Steps to take when conducting burials of a body or cremated remains at sea.


Step 1:  Applicant submits the Application for Burial form with required documents (Permission to Bury, Death and/or Cremation Certificate) to the Ministry.

Step 2:  Applicant returns to the Ministry within two days to collect the Permission Letter and copies for the required third parties (Funeral Home, Burial Ground Manager, and Minister/Pastor/Leader of Religious Organization).

Supporting Documents

Permission to Bury and Death and/or Cremation Certificate

Method of Applying

Visit the Ministry; Email Ministry

Turn Around Time

Two Days

Additional Notes

The scattering of remains is allowed only in certain locations in the territory (five miles south of Norman Island or Peter Island).

Department Contact Information

Ministry of Health and Social Development

Ministry of Health and Social Development
Government of the Virgin Islands
Voronica's House of Commerce
Long Bush, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG 1110

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Telephone: 1(284) 468-2272 / 2174