A Non-Profit Organisation cannot operate in the Virgin Islands unless it is registered (Section 11 (1) of the NPO Act).  An application for registration should be submitted to the Board through the Registrar and comply with the following requirements (Section 12 (2) of the NPO Act).


Step 1:  Organisation submits completed form.

Step 2:  Organisation pays the requisite fee(s) (see related fees below) and is issued a receipt.

Step 3:  The Non-Profit Organisations Registration Board reviews the applications within 30 working days and makes a decision.

Step 4:  The Registrar conveys the Board's decision to the organisation.

Method of Applying


Turn Around Time

30 working days

Additional Notes



New Registration

1)    Complete Form 1 (Application for Registration)

2)    Attach supplementary documents

a)    a copy of the constitutional documents of the organisation which should include:

i)      the name of the organisation;

ii)     the officers of the organisation;

iii)    the manner of electing the governing body of the organisation;

iv)    the organisational structure of the organisation;

v)     the duties and powers of the governing body;

vi)    provisions limiting the objects of the organisation to: (i) pursue solely or primarily charitable or non-profit purposes and requiring the organisation to apply its income primarily to promoting those purposes; and (ii) prohibit the organisation from distributing any part of the dividends generated to members or shareholders

3)    Remit the requisite fee


Renewal Registration

1)    Complete Form 2 (Application for Renewal)

2)    Attach supplementary documents (see Form 2)

a)    a copy of the financial statement for the organisation’s fiscal year detailing:

i)     expenditure;

ii)    revenue;

iii)   retained earnings beginning and ending balances;

iv)   a listing of donors who donated  in excess of ten thousand dollars as a single donation or  cumulatively during the year;

v)    a breakdown of  any funds raised, donations received and disbursed by any association of persons operating under and subject to control of the organisation; and

vi)   certified financial statements are required if  the annual income exceeds $250,000.

3)    Remit the requisite fees

4)    If there are any organisational changes, complete and submit Form 3 (Notification of Change)


Notification of Change

1)    Complete Form 3 (Notification of Change)

2)    Attach any relevant documents in relation to the change of information.

  • A copy of the constitutional documents that reflect the change of the organisation.
  • Excerpt from minutes of meetings

Certified Copies


  1. How long is registration valid?​
    • Section 13(1)  Registration is valid for a period of one year.
  2. What will my organisation show as proof of compliance?​
    • Section 13(1) A Certificate of Registration is issued once compliance is met for registration or renewal.