The Projects Unit (PU) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is responsible for the planning and management of the RRL. The unit is headed by the Director of Projects, who acts as the Project Coordinator for the RRL and reports to the Financial Secretary (FS), Ministry of Finance.

The RRL is being implemented in collaboration with various ministries (Office of the Deputy Governor, Premier's Office, Ministries of Natural Resources & Labour, Communications & Works, Education & Culture and Health & Social Development) and departments (Department of Disaster Management, Town and Country Planning Department) and the Recovery and Development Agency. 

A Project Steering Committee has been established to facilitate the involvement and oversight of the major stakeholders of the RRL. In addition to the Project Steering Committee, Project Coordination Committees (PCC) have been created to facilitate collaboration between the technical teams of the different ministries involved in the RRL projects. 

In support of the Projects Unit, and per an agreement between the Government of the Virgin Islands and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed in April 2018, an Implementation Support Team (IST) tasked with supporting the Projects Unit with the implementation of the RRL has been established. The UNDP IST provides project management, procurement, strategic sourcing support, financial management and other technical expertise. Furthermore, UNDP supports government capacity development related to international best practices on procurement principles, project management, monitoring and evaluation, communications and gender.