U.S. citizens and residents are subject to U.S. taxation on their worldwide income even when they are not living in the United States. Any person holding a U.S. passport is considered a U.S. citizen, and green card holders are considered as permanent U.S. residents.   Therefore, all US citizens and residents are obligated to file an income tax return annually with the Government of the United States regardless of residency.  


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URGENT NOTICE – Reporting Deadline extended for 2018

The BVI Financial Account Reporting System Error has been resolved and the system can now accept uploaded documents and XML filings.
The new extended deadline to satisfy your reporting obligations for the 2018 financial reporting year is Wednesday 31st July, 2019.  This deadline is applicable to all reporting Virgin Islands Financial Institutions; it is also relevant for Nil filings and to Trustee Documented Trusts with reportable accounts.
Please review the updated Reportable Jurisdictions List as published on 9th May, 2019 and ensure that you have submitted filings for all relevant reportable jurisdictions.  A copy of the Reportable Jurisdictions List is available at
Those BVI Financial Institutions who have not been able to complete their filing obligations are encouraged to do so now to ensure that their filings are submitted well in advance of the extended deadline.

BVIFARS Administrator
20th June, 2019

Financial Institutions

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has created a web-based portal to provide a secure environment for BVI Financial Institutions to satisfy their obligations under the Agreement between the Government of the British Virgin Islands and the Government of the United States of America to Improve Tax Compliance via the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (US FATCA), the Agreement between the Government of the British Virgin Islands and the Government of the United Kingdom to Improve International Tax Compliance (UK CDOT) and the Arrangement under the Common Reporting Standards (CRS).          

Financial Institutions are advised that the BVIFARS Portal has been updated and now  accepts, US FATCA, UK CDOT and CRS Enrolments and reporting submissions.

Important note:Enrolment and Submission Deadlines are as follows:

  • Annual Enrolment deadline for US FATCA is:  1st April
  • Annual Enrolment deadline for UK CDOT is:  1st April
  • Annual Enrolment/Notification deadline for CRS is:  30th April
  • Annual Reporting Submission deadline for US FATCA, UK CDOT & CRS is:  31st May

Advisory to all BVI Financial Institutions:

BVI Financial Institutions (FIs) are advised that the BVI Financial Account Reporting System (BVIFARS) is now open and available to receive filings.

An updated User Guide, version 9.0, is available under the “Documents” section on this page for your consultation.  This version of the user guide includes guidance on how to view and correct any CRS record errors received from Partner jurisdictions. 

The updated List of Reportable Jurisdictions for the Common Reporting Standards has been gazetted on the 9th day of May, 2019 and  is now available on the Automatic Exchange of Information for Common Reporting Standards section on our website, click on the Automatic Exchange of Information link below to access this section. 

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Access more information on Automatic Exchange of Information in relation to US FATCA, UK CDOT and CRS, such as Legislation, Inter-Governmental Agreements, Guidance Notes, Self-Certification Forms, Lists of Participating and Reportable Jurisdictions for CRS and information on the International Tax Authority in general.


The following directory includes a list of companies and individuals that may be able to assist Financial Institutions with their filing obligations under UK FATCA and US FATCA and also assist Individuals with their US and UK Income Tax filing obligations. View Here

For more information please contact: International Tax Authority at 1(284) 468-4415 or by Email: