The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan (RRL) is a $65.291 million loan negotiated by the Government of the Virgin Islands (GOVI) with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to rebuild social and economic infrastructure in the transport, water, education and national security sectors after the disasters of 2017.

The RRL prioritises a list of infrastructure projects in the transport, water, education and national security sectors. Infrastructure works include the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads and construction of sea defences, road/slope/embankment stabilisation works and rehabilitation of water supply. Reconstruction works include the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) building, the Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre and recreational facilities. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of GOVI administration buildings and primary schools are being financed through the RRL.  See the Project Map below for more details.

In addition, the RRL finances procurement of equipment, design and engineering services and supports institutional strengthening. Institutional strengthening comprises training in and provision of psychosocial services to children and families, teachers, health workers, social workers and representatives of NGOs. Furthermore, the RRL supports capacity building of public officials in project management, communications, procurement and gender-responsive project design and delivery in the recovery process.