Yes.  If persons wish to state their names they can do so.

When a client is not satisfied with the outcome of their application they may request a meeting with the Division Supervisor.  If they are not satisfied with the decision of the Division Supervisor, a request can be made to speak with the Chief Social Development Officer.  In the event that the meeting with the Chief Social Development Officer is not satisfactory a request can be made to have an audience with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Generally speaking, anyone can apply for services.  Eligibility for services will be determined by the eligibility criteria set out by policies and legislation.

It is our aim to contact the applicant within two weeks of initial contact with the Department.

The Department must follow all Government policies on privacy and confidentiality.  Only those whose job requires them to view your personal information will have access to your information.  The staff at the Department are bound by strict confidentiality rules that do not allow unauthorized disclosure of your personal information.