The Department can be contacted at telephone numbers 284-468-4934 (main office) or 284-468-4069 (incinerator).  Persons can also go through the switch board and ask to be transferred to the Department of Waste Management.  Our email address is

The Department does not provide a collection service for bulky waste and encourages all residents to take their bulky waste directly to the incinerator.

We are not responsible for issues that are related to sewage and these concerns should either be directed to the Water and Sewerage Department or the Environmental Health Division.

The Department is responsible for the removal of dead animals but only on public properties which includes main roads and public parking lots.  We are not responsible for the removal of dead animals from private properties.

The Department is responsible for the removal of derelict vehicles.  If a vehicle is deemed derelict the Department will affix a notice for removal on the vehicle and the vehicle will be removed once the notice has expired.  There are two types of notices; public notices which expire in 14 days and the private notices which expire in 21 days.  Public notices are for vehicles located on public property and private notices are for vehicles on private property.

Private notices are placed on vehicles in most cases at the request of the property owner.

If your vehicle has been tagged by the Department of Waste Management and the vehicle is still valuable to you the owner, we encourage you to remove the vehicle from the current location and secure it properly.  This should be done before the notice expires.  Persons can contact the Department of Waste Management to discuss why the notice has been affixed.

The main office is opened to the public from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mondays to Fridays.  The incinerator is opened to the public from 6 am to 7 pm daily.

Individuals who are interested in loaning litter bins for an event are required to fill out the litter bin loan agreement form which is supplied by the Department. Individuals are required to have this form completed, signed and returned to the Department two weeks prior to the event.

The main office is located on the fourth floor of the Old Government Administration Building (upstairs Old Post Office) on Main Street.  The incinerator is located in Pockwood Pond.