Press Release

Governor's Group
Office of the Deputy Governor
Civil Registry and Passport Office
Release Date:
Friday, 14 July 2023 - 4:57pm

One hundred and twenty four persons are now British Overseas Territories Citizens (BOTC) of the Virgin Islands having taken the Oath of Allegiance and Pledge of Loyalty.

The new citizens were divided into two groups and processed at respective ceremonies held at the Government House. Congratulatory remarks were made by His Excellency the Governor John J. Rankin, CMG; Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Dr. Natalio D. Wheatley and Registrar General, Mrs. Tashi O’Flaherty-Maduro.

Governor Rankin said, “It gives me great pleasure to be part of an event where you are all committing yourselves loyally to new ties, which will stay with you for the rest of your lives. This is a highly enriching process, from which you as individuals and the BVI, as a Territory, will gain.”

The Governor added, “The intermingling of cultures, different ways of thinking, different knowledge, and different skills brings with it clear and tangible benefits to the community as a whole.”

Premier Wheatley addressed the new citizens by calling on them to be “champions of unity”. He further told the recipients, “What binds us together is our love for these Virgin Islands, our commitment to preserve our environment, defend our values, lend a helping hand where it is needed in our community and our commitment to build these Virgin Islands to be the best it can be. And certainly, I call on you to really epitomise that principle that the BVI is really worth all of us protecting and defending it.”

Meanwhile, Registrar General, Mrs. Tashi O’Flaherty-Maduro reminded the new citizens that they will be expected to favourably represent the Territory in behaviour, conversation and action.

She also informed them of their civic duties as citizens.

“You are subject to your rulers, those in authority over you, to be obedient citizens, serving your communities, the less fortunate among us. I implore you to become useful citizens by joining a civic or community organisation,” she said.

The 124 new BOTCs are:

Marie Popo Andrew

Alfred Anthony August

Jean Delice Avril

Israel Bahadoor

Sachkia Shimmay Barnes

Kathy-Ann Valancia Bell

Angel Rafael Brown Valdez

Dolores Maria Valdez De Brown

Natasha Chavonne Pollard-Butler

Kenster Bede Charles

Ella Sketha Christopher

Cyrus Llewella Claxton

Alphonzo Alexander Davis

Junior Douglas

Kathy Natelle Patrice Barnwell-Edwards

Chandainie Mohanlall-Fahie

Antonio Ferreira

Vernette Dominique Glasgow

Tiffany Timauli Kayla Grant

Arleen Camelia Harris

Herlen Marjorie Hazell

Karen Cecelia Whyte Howell

Nigel George Howell

Dave Andrew Jardine

Mark Anthony Jeffers

Zoe Sandra Joseph

Monique Alinda John-Latchman

Yvonne Anesta McKenzie-Manning

Kamlapattie Beer-Maywahlall

Ravindra Maywahlall

Kareen Georgia McLeod

Sharon Mitchel

Everton Edward Morgan

Reanell Antoinette Jones-Phipps

Edna Veronica Profitt

Parbattie Ragnauth

Saran Asha Samuel

Nestor Julio Ramirez Santana

Barbara Cecile Pinnock-Smith

Rosalyn Card Smith

La Selle Vennie Toney

Hixford George Tyndale

Ahelia Devi Turnbull

Gladys Mae Walters

Judith May Williams

Alastair Guy Abrehart

Claire Louise Abrehart

Alberto Ovalles Almonte

Michel Shamalia Ambrose

Catherine Anselm

Corine Audain

Hemraj Ballie

Nirmatie Ballie

Richard Nicholas Branson

Cargil George Brown

Ioni Millicent Green-Brown

Rafael Leonidas Brown

Benjamin Stokes Butler

Shaunette Saemaire Akeema Mills Byron

Kervin Hutton Carter

Ian William Clark

Josette Sophia Dixon- Cooper

Nigel Maurice Cooper

Gary Patrick Cottreau

Hilario Ubiera Crispin

Carmen Rosario Rosario De Davies

Alene Sharon Elizabeth Daway

Laura Agnes Dore

Adenike Marie Sicard Flax

Suzette Nichola Frett

Celma Verona Gordon

Joan Winifred Gordon

Camiane St.Albourne Grange

Mc Donald Guiste

Don Carlos Kem Hadaway

Verelyn Lavern Hamilton

Roselyn Bethune Hart

Ruth Karon Joslin Hazell

Joan Pamella Hooper

Michael Hypolite

Pauline Genevieve Hypolite

Leroy Joseph Isaac

Nadine Melissa Isaac

Violet Veronica Jackson

Mervin Eversley Jacobs

Rosanna Elitha Jacobs

Robert James

Sherry-Ann Carita Virginia James

Hermia Joseph

Thile Douchel Joseph

Richard Kissoon

Francess Veronica La Touche

Vernon Larocque

Renee Kimona Manning

Steadroy Anthony Matthew

Phoebe Dawn Sharon Murrell

Ann Marie Banner- Palmer

Arcadia Belen De Paul

Christianne R. S. Pecanha

Skeetroy Ezekiel Vernon Percival

Rem-Jermyn Patricia Prince

Jimron Jade Purcell

Ganga Raghunath

Sunita Raghunath

Cecelia Ramtool

Dennis Visham Ramtool

Judith Ann John Robinson

Jamacie Thrisanne Rodney

Venice Viola Samuel

Alithia Adams-Scott

Himwant Seenarine

Lowattie Seenarine

Dharmamati Shevdyal

Florenda Nuevas Ruffell Smith

Michael Smith

Rabindranath Sookraj

Avril Veronica Stoddard

Janet Phillipa Cupid-Stoutt

Patricia Angela Ann-Marie Thomas

Jevon Valester Tyson

Bernadine Avalina Valrose

Anji Veta Walters

Christiana Asson-Williams

Thelma Wiltshire


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