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BVI Ports Authority Ltd
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Monday, 23 October 2023 - 1:10pm

Air Traffic Controllers at the BVI Airports Authority (the Authority) were recognised for their invaluable contributions when the Virgin Islands observed International Air Traffic Control Day on October 20.

A recognition ceremony was held at the Authority’s compound in Beef Island, and was addressed by Minister of Communications and Works, Honourable Kye Rymer, and members of the Authority’s team.

            Honourable Rymer expressed gratitude to the workers and stated that he supports the vital work carried out by the controllers.

"We appreciate the work you do, and the ministry is fully committed to supporting the growth and further development of the air traffic services in the Virgin Islands," Honourable Rymer said.

Acting Director of Operations, Mr. Darryl Flanders, joined in celebrating the Air Traffic Controllers and acknowledged their unwavering dedication to their work, "Today we celebrate you. We truly appreciate you for all that you do as air traffic services are crucial to our operations.  I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to keeping our aerodromes safe and coordinated," he said.

Human Resources Manager Ms. Karid Penn, shared her appreciation for the exceptional team, emphasising that, "our people are our most important asset here at the Authority."

Ms. Penn expressed the HR department's delight in celebrating the special group of individuals and acknowledged their significant contributions.  She added, “It is not every day that a special day is set aside to celebrate our staff so I am delighted to celebrate International Air Traffic Control Day with all of you.”

Corporate Administrator Ms. Drusilla F. Fahie thanked the Air Traffic Controllers on behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Directors for their stellar contributions to the Authority.  

Ms. Fahie reassured the workers that the Board is fully committed to supporting the initiatives of the ATC unit and will ensure continued delivery of exemplary services. 

She said, “You Air Traffic Controllers are our unsung heroes, you are not often seen, but your effects on our operations are seen, heard and felt loudly; we are, simply because of you and we thank you”. Ms. Fahie also praised the controllers for their exemplary service and encouraged them to continue shining in their crucial roles.

Meanwhile, Officer in Charge, representing the Managing Director Mr. Elvis Harrigan, emphasized the pivotal role played by air traffic services in the daily operations of the Authority. He said the controllers work tirelessly behind the scenes, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient flow of air traffic at the Territory’s airports.

Mr. Harrigan said, "We recognise the significance of air traffic services in the day-to-day operations of our airports. Your work is the unseen force that keeps our aviation operations running smoothly. We are grateful for your dedication."

The celebration culminated with each Air Traffic Controller receiving a token of appreciation from the BVI Airports Authority in recognition of their outstanding contributions and commitment.

The BVIAA takes great pride in honoring the remarkable individuals who make our airspace safer, more efficient, and reliable. International Air Traffic Control Day serves as a reminder of the vital role played by Air Traffic Controllers in the aviation industry.


Jacqueline Archibald-Sylvester

Department of Information & Public Relations 
Telephone: 468-2739