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Premier's Office
His Majesty’s Customs
Release Date:
Wednesday, 30 September 2020 - 7:14pm

Chair of the Joint Taskforce, Commissioner of Customs, Mr. Wade Smith clarified an inaccuracy reported by BVI Platinum News article tilted, Twin-Engine Fast Boat In High Sea Pursuit With Joint Patrol Team Reportedly Released.

Mr. Smith said that the vessel is detained by Her Majesty’s Customs and the matter is still under investigation. The vessel may be in breach of a number of legislations including Customs, Immigration and Curfew order.

The Joint Task Force is a collaboration between officers of Her Majesty’s Customs, the Immigration Department, and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. The Task Force was established to increase surveillance and enforcement on sea and land during this COVID-19 era.  This multi-agency approach to law enforcement has taken a zero-tolerance stance to crime on land and sea and seeks to foster safer communities for legal residents.

The officers involved have expressed their commitment to remaining focused on playing their respective roles in keeping the BVI safe during this pandemic and beyond.

The Government of the Virgin Islands continues to take measures to further strengthen the protection of the BVI sea borders as part of the COVID-19 24-hour mitigation strategy under the theme, ‘BVILOVE: Partnering and Protecting Our Sea Borders In The New Regular’




Photo 1:1- Detention notice on vessel


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