Press Release

Premier's Office
National Parks Trust
Release Date:
Friday, 25 August 2017 - 4:50pm

Residents of the Virgin Islands are advised that clean-up is still ongoing at the Queen Elizabeth II Children’s Playground due to damages sustained by the tropical wave on August 7.

Preliminary assessment of damages sustained at the Queen Elizabeth II Children’s Playground has been completed and efforts are being made to restore the playground to its normal state of function for community enjoyment.

Some of the works expected to be undertaken include the removal of debris from the car park and street-side of the playground and re-surfacing the area with gravel to alleviate drainage issues. 

Acting Director of the National Parks Trust, Ms. Linda Varlack is also appealing to the community to adhere to the erected signage informing of the playground’s temporary closure.

Ms. Varlack stated, “We have been working on restoring the playground to proper working conditions.  At this time we have had to close that portion of the park as it is not safe to be utilising that section of it, and we want to avoid any possible accident.  The picket fence which acts as a buffer between the park and the street has been completely torn down, and we need to put it back into place to avoid any accidents.”

The other section of the park is in perfect working condition, and persons can continue to enjoy it with their families, for their usual exercise and relaxation activities, she added.

The National Parks Trust is responsible for the preservation, conservation and management of the 21 designated protected areas, including the Queen Elizabeth II Park. 

The Government of the Virgin Islands is working expeditiously to restore the community to its normal state, and encourages residents to unite and be of support to one another during this time of recovery. Standing Strong. We are #OneBVI.  


Berta McKelly Adams

Assistant Information Officer
Department of Information & Public Relations 
Telephone: 468-2740