Press Release

Cabinet Office
Release Date:
Wednesday, 6 March 2019 - 3:09pm

In a historic move, Premier Honourable Andrew A. Fahie, in consultation with the Governor and Chairman, Mr. Augustus Jaspert, has decided that the first meeting of the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands be held on the Sister Island of Virgin Gorda this Thursday, March 7, 2019 at the Village Cafe & Restaurant (Olde Yard Village).

"I promised to lead a Government of inclusion so I am holding true to my word with this initial step for this Administration's first Cabinet meeting to be convened on our Sister Island of Virgin Gorda,” the Premier said.

According to Premier Fahie, “This historic move to hold Thursday’s Cabinet meeting on Virgin Gorda is very significant because the Cabinet makes decisions that affect residents on the Sister Islands so it is very important that we also convene meetings there and on other Sister Islands in the future."

Chairman of the Cabinet, Governor Jaspert welcomed that the first Cabinet meeting of the new Government will be held in Virgin Gorda. At Thursday’s meeting, the Governor would administer the Oaths and Affirmations of Allegiance and for Due Execution of Office to the Premier and his Ministers as Members of the Fourth Cabinet of the Virgin Islands in accordance with Section 61 of the Constitution. 

The Governor also said that the first Cabinet meeting would focus on familiarising the new Cabinet about its procedures, the roles of the Ministry of Finance, the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Rule of Law and the Policy Process. Presenters will include Attorney General, Honourable Baba Aziz; Financial Secretary, Mr. Glenroy Forbes; Cabinet Secretary, Sandra Ward; and now that the Cabinet holds digital meetings, Principal of Rovika Inc., ExcoTrack software developer, Mr. Dennison Daley.

The Cabinet of the Virgin Islands is comprised of Governor Jaspert who is the Chairman; the Premier, the four Ministers and the Attorney General, as an ex officio member.  The Cabinet is responsible for the formulation of policy, including directing the implementation of such policy as it relates to every aspect of government, except those matters for which the Governor has special responsibility under section 60 of Constitution. Decisions are made in Cabinet by collective agreement of the elected Members as Ministers. The Cabinet is collectively responsible to the House of Assembly for such policies and their implementation.

The Cabinet Office provides technical, administrative and policy support to the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands, the National Security Council and the Virgin Islands Cadet Corps Council, in addition to monitoring the implementation of Cabinet decisions.