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Premier's Office
Good Governance
Release Date:
Friday, 3 November 2023 - 2:03pm

Premier of the Virgin Islands Honourable Dr. Natalio Wheatley has said that his Government is embarking on a reporting initiative dubbed, “Government in Motion”, to provide updates to the public after being in office for just over six months.

Premier Wheatley in a recent press conference stated that as time progresses, residents can expect regular updates on a variety of matters.

“In the next few weeks, I, along with my Ministers and Junior Ministers, will provide the public with a review of progress in our areas of responsibility and as a government as a whole,” the Premier said.

Premier Wheatley had previously stated that his administration will prioritise transparency and good governance, inclusive of updating the public on the achievements made in alignment with the Government’s legislative agenda.

This initiative he said will ensure that progress updates will include areas not directly related to the COI implementation process. Instead, “Government in Motion” will demonstrate the Government’s overarching mandate and its continuous dedication to progress, underpinned by its commitment to sustainable development, which will benefit people of the Virgin Islands.

Premier Wheatley said, “We will seek to communicate the greater achievements of the Government to not only action recommendations, but also demonstrate actions to effect change and create new policies.”

These updates will be carried live on the Government’s official Facebook page, ZBVI and CBN Radio.

The Government of the Virgin Islands remains resolute in the promotion of the overall development of the Territory through commitment and sustainable transformation.


Sonjé Greenidge

Information Officer II
Department of Information and Public Relations (GIS)
Telephone: 468-2742