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Ministry of Health & Social Development
Release Date:
Monday, 15 April 2019 - 3:48pm

Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Green V.I to implement a recycling system across the Virgin Islands.

Under the agreement signed with Vanessa King and Sarah Penny of Green VI on April 12, recycling bins will be placed on Virgin Gorda, Tortola and the other sister islands, two recycling trucks will be purchased for use on Virgin Gorda and Tortola, and supplementary funds will be made available to aid in a recycling strategy. Recycling data will also be given to Green VI to refine and implement innovative ways to increase the efficiency of the recycling process.

Honourable Malone said the BVI has seen a steady increase in solid waste in the last decade which has placed a significant strain on the Territory’s waste management system and infrastructure.

He said the Ministry of Health and Social Development is working to create a policy environment that actively promotes the diversion of waste away from existing disposal sites through prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery.

The minister said a recycling pilot started in Virgin Gorda but was impeded by the floods and hurricanes of 2017. “We have to look into ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. We cannot continue to look for additional spaces in terms of dumpsites and we surely cannot continue to build mountains of waste because it is unsustainable,” he stated.

Honourable Malone added that efforts are being made to partner with other organisations to scale up efforts in recycling to combat the unprecedented amount of debris following the events of 2017.

Meanwhile, Ms. King of Green VI said the process has been in the making for quite some time and she is happy that plans are finally coming to fruition. “We’ve been working on the ground for a long time, hand in hand with the Government in trying to create a very Green BVI ahead of the Green Space for us and future generations of the BVI,” she said.

The Ministry of Social Development seeks to provide leadership that promotes health, social well-being and a safe environment as positive resources for living and sustainable development.


Photo 1: (Left to right) Sarah Penny of Green VI, Vanessa King of Green VI, Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Carvin Malone; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Development,  Petrona Davies; Manager of the Department of Waste Management, Gregg Massicote.

Photo 2: Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone signing the Memorandum of Understanding for a Territorial recycling system.

Photo 3: Sarah Penny of Green VI, Vanessa King of Green VI

(Photo credit: GIS/ Franklin Skerrit)


Paul Bridgewater

Information Officer I (Ag.)
Department of Information and Public Relations