Press Release

Premier's Office
International Tax Authority
Release Date:
Thursday, 19 March 2020 - 10:45am

The International Tax Authority (“ITA”) following the announcement made by the Government is activating its business continuity plan during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, the ITA expects to maintain its operational frameworks and meet its international obligations. Confidentiality and data safeguards remain critical for the ITA’s functioning and strict security measures will continue to apply to all remote working.

The ITA is kindly asking all external service providers to confirm their coronavirus contingency plans and provide assurances of continuity of service. If difficulties are being faced, we encourage those affected to contact the ITA at your earliest convenience via email or by telephone.

The ITA is aware that the Covid-19 outbreak creates some concern as to whether Virgin Islands’ reporting deadlines under the Common Reporting Standard, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Country-by-Country Reporting, Economic Substance, and Exchange of Information on Request domestic legal frameworks will be impacted. The ITA does not currently propose to make any changes to previously announced deadlines. However, the ITA is monitoring the international landscape carefully and will consider any appropriate adjustments in the event that applicable international deadlines are modified.

Taking into consideration the requirements for social distancing due to the coronavirus and the protocols now being implemented by offices around the Virgin Islands, all Notices to Produce Information issued by the ITA will be issued electronically. We encourage responses to be sent to us electronically where possible. If electronic replies cannot be accommodated (for instance if hard copies or notarized copies are requested) please contact us so that arrangements can be made to accommodate the delivery of the same. Our office will notify all persons before a Notice to Produce Information is issued electronically.

With reference to ES the ITA intends to adopt a reasonable and practical approach where entities are obliged to make adjustments to their operating practices in order to mitigate the threats from the coronavirus and the ITA will not seek to prejudice those legal entities who temporarily adjust their normal operating practices so as to mitigate the threats of the corona virus outbreak. Further information concerning the temporary arrangements for ES to follow soonest.

It should be noted that any arrangements that are put in place would be temporary and persons are therefore urged to continue to make every effort to comply with all requirements (including filing deadlines) except where the practical and reasonable approach is necessary to manage the threat from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Persons seeking more information please contact us at 1 (284) 468 – 4415 or by email to