Press Release

Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour
Department of Labour and Workforce Development
Release Date:
Tuesday, 28 July 2015 - 4:45pm

Chairman of the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee, Mr. Simon Potter handed over the official document of the Territory’s Minimum Wage Report to Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Honourable Kedrick Pickering on Friday, July, 24, following the completion of its six month mandate.

The report, as a result of research and findings made by Minimum Wage Advisory Committee, will advise the Minister on whether the current minimum wage warrants an increase and if so, what the new minimum wage should be.

Minister Pickering appointed the Committee in November 2014 pursuant to powers conferred on the Minister by section 38 (1) of the Labour Code 2010 (as amended). The Terms of Reference issued required the Committee to examine the current minimum wage and provide advice on whether or not it should be revised, and if so, what the new minimum wage should be.

Mr. Potter said that over the past six months, he chaired a distinguished group, sorted through research material and conducted public consultations so as to advise the Honourable Minister whether the minimum wage should be revised and if so, what it should be revised to.

He said, “Having completed the mandate set, we now submit our findings and recommendations to Dr. the Honourable Pickering and thank him for the privilege of serving our beloved Territory."

Vice-Chairman Ms. Benedicta Samuels, said the committee took its task seriously and it recognised that it was no simple matter to advise on an amount upon which persons may rely to adequately meet the basic needs of themselves and their families.“  

Ms. Samuels added, “The Committee worked assiduously in gathering data. It ensured that many sectors within the community were consulted on this matter of national importance. I am confident that the Committee's recommendation is fair, based on research and on the invaluable input from relevant stakeholders."

Minister Pickering thanked the Chairman and members of the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee for the report and for their hard work in the exercise. He said the report will be submitted to Cabinet for prompt review and action.

The Committee was also required to examine whether or not the minimum wage should be set at the same level for all employees or whether it should be set by category of employees.

The Committee is comprised of 17 members:

Mr. Simon Potter, Chairman
Ms. Benedicta Samuels, Vice Chairman
Mr. Roger Mathavious Jr., Representative of Shops and Stores
Mr. Louis Potter, Representative of the Hotel and Commerce Association
Mrs. Roxanne Ritter Herbert, Representative of the Building Industry
Ms. Anne Leonard, Representative of Sister Islands
Mrs. Jeanette Black, Representative of Workers
Mr. Mario Smith, Representative of Restaurants
Mr. Commett Chalwell, Representative of the Virgin Islands Christian Council
Mr. Wilbert Fahie, Representative for the Workers
Mr. Aaron Parillon, Representative for the Youths
Mr. Bevin George, Representative for the Youths
Mr. Wilbert Mason, Representative of Restaurants
Mr. Jeremiah Frett, Representative/Advisor from Ministry of Finance
Mr. Raymond Phillips, Representative from the Central Statistics Office
Mrs. Janice Rymer, Representative/Advisor from the Labour Department
Ms. Marcia Smith, Ex-Officio Member of Labour Department/Secretary