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Ministry of Health & Social Development
His Majesty’s Prison
Release Date:
Tuesday, 4 June 2024 - 11:49am

Fourteen (14) inmates from His Majesty’s Prison have completed the first-ever Life Skills Reintegration Programme (LSRP).

The six-week course dealt with reoffending behaviours and other issues such as marital enrichment, finance, mental health, spiritual growth and education. The cohort of inmates included nine males and five females.

The initiative was a joint venture between His Majesty’s Prison and New Life Baptist Church Correction Fellowship and the Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT) Ministry.

            Deputy Superintendent Mr. Raymond Grant, while addressing the certification ceremony, expressed his enthusiasm for the programme and its impact on the inmates.

Mr. Grant said, “I am delighted to see the collective efforts of both public and private entities in assisting the prison with rehabilitation programmes for inmates. The introduction of the Life Skills Reintegration Programme (LSRP) is in addition to our existing Anger Management, Skills for Life, Counselling, and rehabilitation debate activities.”

The Deputy Superintendent stated that a benefit of the reintegration programme is that external agencies, departments and facilitators are allowed into the prison as part of its ‘through the gate” initiative which aims to strengthen rehabilitation links and improve transition into society.

Mr. Grant added that moving back into society is one of the critical aspects of prison reform.

“Often, when inmates return to the community, they face stigma and a lack of tangible support,” he said adding, “I am pleased that through this programme, they can earn a certificate that serves as evidence of their efforts to progress and become better versions of themselves. Well done and thank you to everyone involved in this critical work.”

The facilitators of the courses included representatives from the National Bank of the Virgin Islands, MWM Finance, the Deputy Governor’s Office, Mrs. Sharifa Smith, Mrs. Shaina Smith-Archer, Pastor Collin Gunthorpe, Pastor Mitchell Glaze, Dr. June Samuels and Dr. Albert Tomkins.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development through its subsidiary His Majesty’s Prison remains committed to advancing the rehabilitation of prisoners in the Virgin Islands.



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