Press Release

Archives and Records Management
Office of the Deputy Governor
Release Date:
Monday, 6 May 2024 - 1:36pm

The Records Management Centre hosted visitors at an inaugural open house that provided education on record-keeping practices during hazard impacts, while displaying the work of the Centre in maintaining the Public Service’s records in recognition of Records MayDay 2024.

Records MayDay, an annual observance held on the first day of May, was initiated by the Society of American Archivists in response to the devastation of the US Golf Coast by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Following these impacts, an assessment discovered that most corporate entities did not have a disaster plan that includes the preservation of records. The day signifies the need to ensure records are properly secured from the impacts of disasters, and if impacted, are treated according to international standards to retain valuable information.

            Records Manager, Ms. Sandra Herbert said, “The Public Service, as the backbone of the Territory, must ensure that its records are kept securely and protected from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fires. The events of 2017 proved all too well that we must pay keen attention to the security of valuable records.”

            “There are thousands of records spanning over decades that must be preserved. These records tell the story of the Public Service and the evolution of our Territory. They are our history books,” Ms. Herbert added.

            Throughout the open house day, visitors received information on the steps to protect records from flooding, fires and the items that should be included in a disaster kit that considers the preservation of records. Persons also witnessed the ongoing restoration of records that were compromised during the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Every day, the Records Management Centre triages hundreds of Public Service records. A process that includes assessing documents, drying, mold/mildew removal and digital filing.

            Visitors also had the opportunity to tour the Centre, which is being developed into a state-of-the-art records facility while providing support to the Public Service.

            The Records Management Centre’s mission is to improve the overall efficiency and decision making of Government through the preservation of Public Service records.


Eusa Z. Adams

Assistant Information Officer
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Government of the Virgin Islands
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