Ministry of Health & Social Development
Social Security Board
Release Date:
Thursday, 1 October 2015 - 3:00pm


Managing Director of the Social Security Board, Mrs. Antoinette Skelton, Deputy Director with responsibility for National Health Insurance, Mr. Roy Barry, Deputy Director Mrs. Jeanette Scatliffe Boynes, members of the National Health Insurance team, Staff and Members of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, CEO of JIPA Network Dr. Kester Nedd and members of the JIPA Network Team, Private Health providers, members of the Media, Everyone good morning.

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that I address you all on an occasion of another significant milestone towards the implementation of the National Health Insurance Programme and the advancement of healthcare in the Virgin Islands.

One of the greatest concerns of our people regarding the National Health Insurance programme is the availability of a wide variety of quality healthcare providers at home and abroad. Let the signing of this agreement today with JIPA Network health providers serve as reassurance to the residents of the Territory that the Government of the Virgin Islands through the Ministry of Health and Social Development is doing and will continue to do everything within its powers to ensure that all of our people have access to quality healthcare regardless of their pre-existing condition, age, gender, employment status and from birth to death.

Our National Health Insurance programme partnership with the JIPA Network will provide access to thousands of preferred healthcare providers including those members in the Virgin Islands.

This network consists of world class clinicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities and treatment centres around the world. In addition to access to thousands of providers, the JIPA/NHI Alliance will also facilitate the coordination of patient’s healthcare to reduce healthcare costs and promote access, enhance quality, efficiency safety and patient satisfaction.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a red letter day for the provision of the healthcare for the people of these Virgin Islands. With the continued enhancement of our healthcare financing mechanism that is but one component of our national health strategy towards a healthier Virgin Islands.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kester Nedd and his JIPA team for their on-going commitment to making the National Health Insurance Programme the best that it can be in the provision of the widest variety of affordable quality healthcare services for the people of the Virgin Islands.

I am extremely pleased to see a number of our local healthcare partners here today. I greatly appreciate their support for the success of the National Health Insurance System. I also thank the staff to the Social Security Board and the staff of the Ministry of Health and Social Development for their hard work on the implementation of the National Health Insurance Programme and a special thank you to the media for your continued assistance with getting the NHI information to the public.

As you know the registration process continues, starting today everyone is able to register. I am encouraging all residents of the Territory to register so that come January 1, 2016 contributions can be made and benefits can be claimed.

The National Health Insurance team is always ready and able to answer any and all of your questions. You can also take advantage of the fully functioning website, or call the NHI office at 494-3418 extension 406 or come into the office at the Joshua Smith Social Security Building.

Providing affordable access to quality healthcare to all of the residents of these Virgin Islands remains this Government’s mission. Our commitment to this mission will never waiver. May Jehovah continue to bless each and every one of us and bless these Virgin Islands. Thank you.