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Release Date:
Friday, 15 March 2024 - 3:37pm

Statement by Acting Governor of the Virgin Islands

Mr. David D. Archer Jr.

On The Register of Interest (Amendment) Bill, 2024

I wish to provide an update on the proposed amendments to the Register of Interest Act, 2006. Contrary to what has been recently purported, extensive work was done to ensure that all impacted public officers remained informed about the contents of the proposed amendments and that their opinions were addressed adequately. From the onset, feedback on the proposed amendments was welcomed and expected and the level of engagement remains constant.

The proposed changes to the Act were initially shared at a Special Heads Meeting on 16th January, 2024 where the principle Act and proposed amendments were presented to Department Heads who could be impacted by the proposed changes in the Bill. Following consensus on the contents of the Bill, an additional opportunity for feedback was presented to public officers via email. Only one officer provided feedback.

Subsequently, a special meeting of the House of Assembly was held on 31st January, where a presentation on the Bill was made. Questions raised during the presentation were communicated to the Attorney General, and the Attorney General’s comments were then shared with the Clerk of the House of Assembly.

The Bill then underwent the second reading in the House on 7th March, 2024 and as such, the Office of the Deputy Governor has now begun additional consultation to address issues raised in the sitting of the House. The points raised by the Civil Service Association were not previously presented to the office for exploration but we are now poised to address them through a series of FAQs and additional informational material.

All public officers have the right to submit their opinions on the Register of Interest Amendment Bill, 2024 and should share feedback by Friday, 29th March. Public consultation is a valuable part of the legislative process and essential to good governance. All public officers are encouraged to reach out to the Office of the Deputy Governor with any questions or comments regarding the Bill and are urged to regularly check their emails for circulars, graphics and other communications that explain what is outlined in the Bill.

The following link can be copied to your browser to view the principle Act and proposed amendments under the ‘publications’ section: