Premier's Office
Release Date:
Monday, 10 November 2014 - 5:15pm

Today, it is with deep sorrow that I  make a short statement on the untimely passing of Dr. Myles Munroe, a man whom I had the privilege of meeting while I attended conferences, in the region and internationally. 

It was truly shocking for me to learn of the tragic circumstances surrounding his death and that of his wife Ruth and other members of their entourage resulting from a plane crash in the Bahamas.

Dr. Munroe and I were very good friends. I remember him as a man of immense faith and deep vision, with an unwavering commitment to Almighty God, his Lord and Savior. We enjoyed candid discussions about God, life and the world.  He believed in preparing souls for the Kingdom work and stopped at no lengths to reach millions of people through various aspects of his ministry.

As a great spiritual leader, a man of purpose and vision, Dr. Munroe firmly believed that the Holy Bible and the message of Jesus Christ were built on the kingdom and not a religion, and he was uncompromising with that conviction.

In one of our conversations, I remember him saying that there is a difference between the sheep leading lions and lions leading the sheep. In other words, he strongly believed in his famous quote: “Transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents.” He believed that hidden in every follower was a leader waiting to be discovered.

As the author of more than 38 books addressing social, spiritual, human, professional and leadership development, Dr. Munroe was a tremendous motivational speaker, a consultant to governments, Fortune 500 companies and corporations. He has indeed left a legacy for all of us to remember.

This tragedy is a great loss to the Christian community, locally, regionally and internationally.

My family and I express our deepest condolences to his immediate family, the Bahamas Faith Ministries International and the people of the Bahamas.

May their souls Rest In Peace with Almighty God.