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Department of Disaster Management
Release Date:
Monday, 21 March 2016 - 3:30pm

Members of the Territory Search and Rescue Team (TSART) were presented with TSART branded t-shirts on Friday, March 18 as part of efforts to ensure that the team can be formally identified.  The t-shirts were sponsored by Delta Petroleum Ltd.

The handing over event was attended by His Excellency, Governor John S. Duncan, OBE; Regional Chief Accountant of Delta Petroleum Ltd., Andrew Vasconcellos; Acting Commissioner of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, Alwyn James; Station Officer of the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service, Tyrone Caddle; Assistant Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Customs, Greg Romney; and Director of the Department of Disaster Management, Sharleen DaBreo.

TSART is comprised of 22 members from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service and Her Majesty's Customs.

The Territory Search and Rescue Team (TSART) was formed in 2014 following Cabinet’s approval to develop a specialized team which is capable of responding to all types of search and rescue and emergencies on land and on sea.

The members of TSART are David Ronan, Rolland Jackson, Samuel Lettsome, Esau Andrews, Marcus Malone,  Algon Smikle, Nathan McLean, Jermine Agard, Alexander Parillon, Ron Augustin, Elroy Chalwell, Collis Fraser, Benson Thomas, Terry Humphrey, Elnathan White, Darrin Malone, Gaston Walters, Jason Dunkley, Clifford Thomas, Steve George, Leesean Smith and Lauren William.