Press Release

Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Tuesday, 1 September 2015 - 1:30pm

Local Attorney at law, Ms. Fiona Forbes, has been appointed to the post of Chairman of the Police Service Commission, while, Barrister and former law enforcement officer, Mr. Kendell Mills, was appointed a member of the Police Service Commission effective August 6.

The appointments were confirmed by His Excellency the Governor, Mr. John S. Duncan, OBE. The Chairman was appointed in accordance with Section 96 (1)(a) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007, while  Mr. Mills was appointed after consultation with the Police Welfare Association in accordance with Section 96(1)(d) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007.

Section 97 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007 states that the Police Service Commission has the power to advise His Excellency the Governor on appointments or removal from an officer within the Police Force.

Additionally, the Commission will advise the Governor on any disciplinary matters pertaining to an officer’s conduct, or cause to be conducted proceedings for the hearing of disciplinary offences and complaints made by the public in relation to an officer; review and recommend legislation pertaining to appointments to, or removals from offices within the Police Force and or to the exercise of disciplinary control over officers, among other responsibilities.

The other members of the Police Service Commission are Reverend Selwyn Vanterpool, Former Director of Civil Aviation Mr. Milton Creque and Former Director of Human Resources for Little Dix Bay Resort, Mrs. Rosalia Gardener. 


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