The Accounts Unit is responsible for the efficient flow of funds within the Ministry and its departments. It’s activities includes:

1. Imprest Warrants & Pre-Paid Travel (Travel Advances)

  • Processing documents for travel to be approved via Cabinet and for Government officers traveling overseas on official duty.

2. Compensation Claims

  • Ensures that payments for compensation claims are processed in a timely manner.

3. Petty Contracts

  • Ensure that contracts for works, consultancy and services are processed effectively and in accordance with Financial Regulations No. 188.

4. Purchase Orders / Payments

  • To ensure purchase orders are processed and to prepare payments for vendors in a timely manner.

5. Vote Book Reconciliation

  • To ensure that vote books are internally reconciled monthly and quarterly with the Treasury Department.

6. Taxi Exemption from Custom Duties Applications

  • Processing documents for the exemption of Customs Duties for the importation of a taxi vehicle. Each taxi driver is allowed exemption of Customs duty on a taxi vehicle every five (5) years.