The Ministry of Finance Budget Unit is charged with the preparation of the annual budget: The Unit analyses and compiles departmental budget submissions in accordance with prevailing policy to assist legislative approval of funds to provide services to the public. Read more about the overall Budget Cycle in brief.

The Budget unit also services the budget assisting Government Ministries and Departments in accessing funds approved in the budget in a timely manner so as to provide the services to their respective customers in accordance with legislative dictate.

The unit also prepares supplementary budgets, by analysing and compiling departmental requests for additional funds required during the course of the year for legislative approval. After the Budget is a approved the Unit monitors revenue and expenditure ensuring that revenues are collected and accounted for and that funds are expended for the purposes for which they were approved.

In addition the Budget unit also processes advance warrants: These are the processing of documents to allow the Minister of Finance to authorise the withdrawal of monies to issue loans to public officers in accordance with General Orders and other regulations.

The unit also provides Personal Advances which include, Medical treatment overseas, approved study leave, etc. (General Orders Chapter V). As well as the Purchase of personal vehicles for designated travelling officers to carry out their official duties.

Under General Orders Chapter V, the Budget unit also processes Application for De-reservation of Funds: They authorise the release of funds to permit expenditure for the intended purpose.

The processing of  Applications for Reallocation of Funds is also processed by the Budget Unit. They authorise the virement of funds between votes in accordance with established rules and guidelines.

 The Budget unit also services the Public Debt: They process applications for withdrawal/disbursement or loan proceeds to permit expenditure for project(s) where monies were borrowed and ensure payment to donor loan agencies for interest and principal in accordance with the loan agreements.

The Budget unit processes Accident Reports: We ensure timely receipt of accident reports from ministries and departments involving government owned vehicles.

Processes Compensation Claims: We process claims for expenses arising from the following in consultation with and on the advice of the Attorney General as to government’s liability. Accident Damages to vehicles, equipment, boats, etc. Property Land encroachment, etc. Personal injury Injuries sustained in the course of one’s employment.