The Procurement Unit falls under the Ministry of Finance. The goal of the Unit is to secure best value in all aspects of procurement through the delivery of professional service on behalf of the Government of the Virgin Islands (British). The unit handles the full range of activities related to the acquisition of goods, services and works from a third party. This manifests itself through the provision of advice to, and the undertaking and/or implementing of, the most suitable procurement arrangements and requirements.

The responsibilities of the Unit are divided into segments which include but not limited to the following:-

  • Tendering: Goods, Service and Works in excess of $100,000. 
  • Board of Survey:  Disposal of Government Assets that are beyond repair and can no longer be used for normal operations and goods that are seized. 
  • Numismatic:  Through our numismatic agent (Pobjoy Mint Ltd of Millennia House, UK) authorized for the minting and Marketing of commemorative coins approved by Cabinet.    
  • Philatelic:  Via the Stamp Advisory Committee, seek Cabinet’s approval on all stamps issues  

Did you know?.......

  • Some Tips on How to Tender :
    • Read the documents and understand what is required of you. 
    • Provide all the information requested.     
    • If you cannot provide information requested, ask for advice. 
    • Start early and if clarification is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Procurement Coordinator. 
    • It is important to complete and return the documents by the given date and time. 
    • Be sure to sign all documents that require a signature. 
    • Be clear in your pricing. 
    • Read the questions carefully and answer them accurately. 
  • Some of the documents accompanying bids are:
    • Certificate of Good Standing from (Social Security Board, Commercial Registry & Inland Revenue) 
    • Trade license 
    • Tender Security/Tender Bond 
    • Form of Proposal 
    • Bill of Quantities 

The office is located in the RFG Place, 3rd Floor, Waterfront Drive, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  For more information contact us at 284-468-3701, ext. 4243 or 4245. Fax (284) 468-4312 or email: