This service is for customers who is desirous in obtaining a copy for their Marriage Certificate.


Procedure for In Person Application

Step 1:  Applicant provides the customer service with the date of marriage and the names of the bride and groom.

Step 2:  Search is conducted for the marriage record.

Step 3: Marriage Certificate is printed to be issued to the customer.

Step 4:  A application fee is collected from the customer.

Step 5:  A receipt is issued to the customer as evidence of payment.

Step 6:  Customer collects the Marriage Certificate.


Procedures for Online Application

You can also process a Marriage Certificate request via the Online Application

Step 1:  Customer completes application online.

Step 2:  Customer ensure all required fields are completed and submit application.

Step 3:  Print application confirmation.

Step 4:  Customer presents application confirmation to the Civil Registry.

Step 5:  An Application fee is collected from the Customer.

Step 6:  A receipt is issued to the customer.

Step 7:  Customer is issued the Marriage Certificate.

Method of Applying

In Person, Online

Turn Around Time

1 - 2 Business Days

Additional Notes

If the application was received via courier through the online service; Marriage Certificate, cover letter and receipt will be mailed to the applicant via regular mail or through the applicant’s return (prepaid) envelope.